Innovation + Continuity
We live the digital revolution

Attribui is an independent, privately held and self-funded Austrian software company.

Our customers are companies and institutions, universities and research groups who love the open-minded, diligent, creative and flexible way we represent. We strongly emphasize on partnerships, CSR and self-reliance.

Find out more about our philosophy and read the latest news in our @tribution Blog.

More about Attribui

The Team

Our people position themselves around a set of strong principles. We foster:

  • Knowledge
  • Good foundations
  • Multiple perspectives
  • Deliberate practice

… and the necessary motivation to yield outstanding results.

You As A Customer

We give you the opportunity to materialize your ideas — to create and run software products, be it for your own company's purpose or as a service for your customers:

We offer the quality, the continuity and the progress you will need.


Digital proficiency resting upon two decades of experience

Thomas Winter

Founder and CEO

Principal owner and service architect


Our Team

Dedicated software developers, data scientists and information designers


Our Network

Selected software companies and cloud providers all over the world

Hartwig De Colle

Hartwig De Colle

Co-owner and senior developer

Service Plans

Monthly subscriptions offered by Attribui

Attribui Pulse

Pulse Subscriptions

We live the mantra of evolutionary service design and practice software development as a service (SDaaS) for our customers successfully since many year.

Attribui Motion

Motion Subscriptions

Don't start from scratch anymore: Attribui Motion gives you the opportunity to consume production-ready versatile apps and services for a fixed monthly subscription fee.